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RSST wont get below 1.8 max

I have re e-cigs review wrapped thus thing 4 or 5 times alreay. Tried oxidizing the mesh wick more and more times. Trued a twisted wire wrap. Im only using 3 wraps around the wick. But still getting around 2.0 at best. It works better on my vamo then my mech mod. My kanger pros are destroying it. Im really excited to see what it can do but just cant get it there. 3 oranage coils on a nice black wick and still half assed. I know its not a short issue, im using an rsst rba tank. Everything is isolated. Any thoughts? The mech is measuring at over 4v. I should be able to get a decent vape. Right? Edit...32g wire on 400ss mesh tube rolled with high pg liquid...vamo at 7-9w
SOURCE: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/ecigarette-technical-issues/416944-rsst-wont-get-below-1-8-max.html and MYKA's ECIG Reviews

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